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Dublin Jewellery Valuations

Carol Clarke has been designing and making gold and platinum jewellery for the past thirty-seven years in the centre of Dublin city, Ireland.

Carol first trained as a goldsmith in Bangkok, where she attended the Bangkok Jewellery Institute for jewellery design and the Asian Institute of Gemmology. After several years, Carol returned to Ireland where she set up her own jewellery making shop in Dawson Street and has worked there since.

During this time, Carol continued her gemmology studies with the Gemmological Institute of America and became a ‘Graduate Gemologist.’ Carol undertook many trade exams with the Institute of Registered Jewellery valuers in London and studied with various prominent jewellery valuers in Bond Street.

She went on to become the first-ever Irish female Fellow of the Institute of Registered Jewellery Valuers and Fellow of the Association of Jewellery Valuers, London.

Carol offers a full Probate Valuation Service and is a registered Expert Witness for court cases that involve jewellery claims or disputes. She is currently pursuing higher mastery and knowledge with the GIA, USA, and frequently attends conferences, workshops, and lectures, to stay up to date with the jewellery industry.

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Checking Service

Of New & Antique Rings

Carol offers a service whereby you can have a new or antique piece of jewellery checked before you buy the item . This service can only be carried out with the full knowledge of the seller of the item knowing that it is being checked by a professional goldsmith and valuer . This is not a valuation service but a checking service . This service is also available for anyone who needs an item checked for an Insurance company or needs and annual maintenance checking of claws , settings , shanks etc.

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All your jewellery is fully insured if you have to leave it in my care for one hour or days. It is very important that you check if your jewellery is fully insured if you have to leave it with another valuer or jeweller. Many jewellers and valuers do not have insurance to store jewellery.


Please fill in the Book an Appointment form  for an appointment although you can call into Royal Hibernian Way at any time and Carol will value the item if she can while you wait. Carol has set charges from e100 up and special deals for a number of items brought in together (and not a set charge for the second or third item) as some items are easier to do than other items so she goes by what the item actually is rather than given a price for something that she does not know what it is or what is involved in valuing it. If the items are not worth valuing then Carol will tell you so you dont waste time or money. Carol does not offer ‘free’ valuations or ‘guess’ valuations as this is not in keeping with the rules of Professional Valuations.

Charges start from €80

Please email a picture of all your items in ONE photograph.


Carol offers a full Probate Valuation service for jewellery listed in Wills. Carol is also available for Court cases involving jewellery disputes and has attended a number of Court cases representing jewellers and the public. Read an article in the Law Society Gazette click here. Carol is a registered Expert Witness with Thomas Reuters for Court cases involving jewellery.


Carol also offers a jewellery valuation service for the jewellery trade in Ireland and presently values for a number of jewellers and antique jewellers. If you are not a registered jewellery valuer or you just make jewellery but would like to have a professional jewellery valuation to go with the item then Carol will be able to provide you with a full valuation service. Email for information.

There are many reasons why you might need a jewellery valuer and you can be sure to place your trust in an NAJ's Institute of Registered Jewellery Valuers in london. or the Jewellery Valuers Association which are Ireland's and the U.K's leading associations of jewellery valuers . All members of both organisations have proved their expertise to their peers with formal qualifications and substantial experience within the industry and provide a professional service that you can trust . Valuations today need to be undertaken today to a very high standard and the highest standard is represented by IRV and AJV members .

Carol is Irelands first ever elected female and only Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers and Fellow of the Jewellery Valuers Association and Fellow of the National Association of Goldsmiths

  • Irish Independent - Choice
  • Law Society Gazette
  • Jeweller Magazine NAG Member of the Month
  • Sunday Business Post
  • The Irish Times
  • USA Today
  • RTE
  • TV3
  • Women Mean Business
  • Image Magazine
  • Womans Way


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Jewellery Reports

Get A Detailed Report After Jewellery Inspection

Jewellery examination by an expert can reveal a lot of hidden secrets about the pieces. Carol can examine your jewellery to get information regarding its carat, weight, origin, colour, and other details. This impartial analysis of jewellery and gemstones is then noted in an official report if the item is not what it’s supposed to be. You can use this report to pursue a claim against the jeweller or shop that sold you the item that isn’t up to its quoted standards.

A jewellery identification report provides a brief description of the piece of jewellery in question. It includes various details about the metal type, its weight, and the kind of gemstones that are included.

There are many different species of gemstones, with most of them being a type of mineral. The species can be determined on a micro-level by closely looking at its crystal habit and chemical makeup. The clarity and colour of a gemstone are very important, with purer colours and a higher level of clarity generally signifying better quality.

Head over to Dublin Jewellery Valuations to get your jewellery identification report. We’d be happy to provide a thorough explanation and answer any queries about the report.

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If you want to get your jewellery valued by a professional expert, contact us to get an appointment today! We offer multiple services to aid your journey regarding these beautiful accessories. From ring inspections to servicing and remodelling we’ve got it all.

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  • Carol is the only valuer in Ireland that is a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Jewellery Valuers , London , UK Fellow of the Association of Jewellery Valuers , London , UK and a full graduated gemmologist from the Gemological Institute of America , plus numerous other jewellery qualifications .
  • Carol values 'while you wait ' by appointment so you don't have to leave your precious jewellery for six weeks .
  • Carol is the only jewellery valuer that holds full insurance on anything that is left with her for one hour or one week .
  • Carol charges a fair price for a very professional service and finished valuation .
  • Carol has over 40 years experience of not only valuing jewelry but making and repairing it too .


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