Jewellery Valuation Charges

As I do not work on a percentage basis as many registered valuers do – the following is a guideline as to the charges.  I charge according to the amount of stones/metal that I have to test.  Obviously the more/bigger the stones the more testing and work involved in valuing them.  Unfortunately, many items of jewellery purchased abroad seem to have problems with inferior workmanship, certs not matching diamonds, metal not what it is supposed to be etc.  Usually, I have completed checks and valuations free of charge up to the point of finding a problem however I can no longer offer this service as it takes up a lot of time and testing.  So, I now will charge half of the valuation fee up to the point of finding the problem and the other half of the fee after the problem is rectified and brought back to me to complete the valuation.


  • Very small diamond ring - €80
  • Larger rings/items - €100- 130 depending on the item , amount of stones for testing etc.,
  • Large coloured gemstones that require testing from - €130
  • Copies of valuations - €30
  • Revalue - €50-70 depending on the item . 
  • Checking service for Insurance from e40 up depending on how many stones etc., if any need to be tightened this is an extra charge.
  • Testing Gemstones - Depends on how many tests and if the item has to go to a laboratory for testing .Call for quote.
  • Postage : if valuations have to be posted out there is a charge of €5.
  • Bulk Valuations - If you have a number of items together to value I will give you a quote for the total number of items. Some items require a lot of work to value and other items requires a smaller amount of work so I need to see the items before I can give a quote. I do not charge "per item" as this is not practical for the amount of work that I put in to a valuation. 4 small items are around €150

If you have a number of items together I will give you a quote for the total number of items.


Items for probate from €100 upwards depending on the amount of items, again you can call for a quote.

Post Loss Assessment: (Estimates for jewellery after a robbery or loss)

You should get your own estimate from a Registered Jewellery Valuer to replace a lost or stolen item of jewellery. You are legally entitled to do this and if you do not get your own estimate then an Insurance Jewellery Assessor will tell you what the replacement cost will be which could be far less than the actual cost to replace the item. Remember the Jewellery Assessor works for the Insurance Company and not for you. It is up to you to make sure you are getting the correct replacement cost for the item by getting your own independent estimate from a Registered Jeweller.

Prices start from €100 for one item.

Chains of Office:

Having valued a number of these items over the years, they all vary in many ways so you would need to phone for a quotation. 

Inventory Items:

These items are usually valued as part of a large valuation of high value items.

Many, inexpensive items of jewellery (say under €100) do not need a full in depth valuation, so they are given a shorter, less descriptive valuation.  These charges range from €150 for approximately 6 items.  You would be surprised at how much small items can add up to, so it is very important to have all your small items valued too.  In the case of a robbery you may have no other way to prove that you own such jewellery.  Again if you have a large number of items I will give you a quote for them.

Laboratory Testing:

In some case some items of jewellery may need to go to a laboratory for x ray or extra testing or a second opinion.  Charges for laboratory testing vary from €75 up to depending if such testing is required.