Jewellery Disputes

If for some reason you are not happy with a piece of jewellery that you purchased or have some problems with a certain jeweller then I would advise you to go back and speak to the jeweller in question and try to come to some agreement with them before you take any action. Many problems can be ‘ironed out’ if retailers and customers just sit down and listen to each other . Nobody wants to have to go to Court as it is very stressful and costs a lot of money if you loose your case and you can never be sure how it will go once you go in to Court .

I offer a ‘mediation’ service between jewellers and customers if all else fails but one has had to try to resolve the problem oneself first . One can claim up to € 2000 in the ‘Small Claims Court’ if one cannot resolve a problem or one believes that the item that was sold to them was faulty . The fee for this service is € 25 and  you will have to wait months before the case goes to Court although the small claims Court will try to resolve the case first if they can .