Jewellery Valuation

Carol Clarke offers a jewellery valuation service. You can have your jewellery valued and tested in front of you while you wait. You must call and book an appointment for this service, as this will secure a time slot for you and avoid disappointment.

Carol values all items of jewellery and branded watches (not over 25 years old) for; insurance, probate and divorce. She does not value very old watches, silverware, and coins, scrap metal. Carol does not value new items of jewellery purchased in Ireland in the past 12 months unless the jewellery shop that the items has been purchased from will agree to this service being undertaken.

Carol will value any item of jewellery valuation for insurance that has been bought abroad once it is not through Irish websites sourcing diamonds or rings abroad.

Carol offers a very in-depth valuation service, whereby all stones and metal is tested and not just valued. Carol will also value all items with or without a certificate, although if you have any previous paperwork it can sometimes help with the valuation.


Trade Valuations:

Carol also offers a jewellery valuation for other jewellery shops, antique shops or manufacturers.  Perhaps you are selling a piece of jewellery and you or your customer would like an independent valuation on the item ?  Although Carol does not run a “gemmological laboratory” as a GIA graduate gemmologist she is qualified to grade diamonds and give an opinion on gemstones.  As every item is completely different she cannot give prices on the website. 

Please call Carol if you are interested in a trade price 01 6777161.


In common with all good jewellery valuers C. Clarke will not put your address on any of the valuations unless you request this yourself. For obvious security reasons an address is not put on a jewellery valuation . Your jewellery is fully insured while in Carol Clarke jewellers from the moment you leave it in until you collect it . If you are leaving jewellery in anywhere to have it valued you should check if the shop/valuer has full insurance as many do not have any insurance themselves .

Not every jeweller is a valuer. Carol Clarke participates in ongoing jewellery valuation training. From 2009 to 2018 Carol attended the Loughborough Conference with the National Association of Goldsmiths, Institute of Registered Valuers, UK for continuous training and courses .

 Diamond Colour grading at Carol Clarke Jewellery

   Diamond Colour grading at Carol Clarke Jewellery.