Loose Diamonds

As a full GIA Graduate Gemologist and with over thirty five years’ experience of buying and selling diamonds I think I am in a rather good position to be able to advise about them.  I also have access to thousands of diamonds trading on the world diamond lists so, I can find a very good diamond to match all budgets.  So, whatever diamond you are looking for small, medium or large please give me a call and I will give you my best quote.

I would like to point out that all my diamonds that I sell are ethically sourced and all taxes, VAT and duties are paid on them and they come through the correct channels.  I am aware that there are a number of websites selling diamonds at incredibly low prices – some even below the world diamond price lists so, I would definitely question (and you should too) how they are able to do this?.  I do not believe the line that they usually use when they say “we are able to negotiate the best price for you”.  We can all do that but we cannot sell below the world diamond prices, pay the correct taxes or make some profit by selling diamonds for half nothing (unless of course we are buying blood, stolen, synthetic or smuggled diamonds).  Think about it before you buy one.  I am sure nobody will admit to you that they are selling blood or stolen diamonds but, take it from someone who has been in the trade for thirty five years – that is exactly what they are doing.  There are huge amounts of diamonds stolen worldwide every year and so they have to be loaded somewhere and it is usually not down the pub over a pint!.  They are sold on to certain jewellers who have no morals or ethics and could not care less where they come from once they make a profit on them.  You need to exercise caution they are not selling them cheaper to you because they like you!.

From time to time I also sell some very large diamond rings on behalf of my own customers that have purchased them over the years.  Most of these diamonds are certified but if they are not they can be at an extra charge.  There are many different reasons why they wish to sell their rings some want bigger diamonds, smaller diamonds, better quality diamonds or just want a change of diamond.  I have checked, graded and valued all these rings myself and can tell you that they are all selling at exceptional prices.  So, give me a call if you are looking for a large “preloved diamond”.