Jewellery Repair and Remodelling Services

Jewellery Checking Service

I am now offering a Jewellery Checking Service so if you are about to buy an item of jewellery, new or old and you would like to have it checked please ask the jeweller that you are buying the piece from if you can bring it to me for checking. If the jeweller agrees to allow you to have it checked then I will phone him to confirm that I am going to check the item. There is a charge for this service from €100 to €200. If the jeweller will not allow you to bring the item to me I can collect the item if it is in the Dublin area.Most jewellers seem to have no problem with this service however there are a few jewellers who do not agree with having their jewellery checked by anyone  so I cannot offer this service if you are buying the item from one of them .

Jewellery Repair and Selling Old Gold Jewelry

If you are tired of looking at your diamond ring or jewellery or happen to have lots of bits of broken jewellery hanging around the place then we would be only too happy to remodel it into something new and exciting , while still retaining the value of the gold and diamonds . We specialise in this service and so have lots of experience after 25 years. We will always try to work within your budget and time frame . If you do not have your own idea we will design something for you working from ideas that you see in our shop or from pictures that you may have.

Selling Old Gold Jewelry

We also specialise in jewellery repairs that most other jewellers having given up on ! So if you have some unusual gold /platinum item of jewellery and cannot get anyone to fix it then bring it in to us and we will do it for you . We also will quote you the charge before we begin .

Selling Large Pieces of Jewellery ?

If you have a large piece of jewellery that you wish to sell but are unsure as to what to do Carol will sell the piece for you through an auction house or through her own website but all relevant papers are required inorder to offer this service .(Purchases receipts,any VAT receipts etc.,)
This service is available for larger items of jewellery where insurance cover etc.. is required . Charges are based on the selling price of the item.

Call for further information 0n 6777161